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Okami: PS2 vs Wii video dogfight

We like to ask the important questions here at GamesRadar. Although we’re still working on finding the answers to your existential dilemmas, we did manage to capture a ton of footage from the PS2 and Wii versions of Okami for your viewing pleasure.

Hit up the player below to find out which wolf comes out on top in our comparison video. It looks like Okami’s stylized aesthetic comes across nicely in the new Wii version, but what do you think? Despite having received rave reviews and numerous awards - including our very own“Too Beautiful to Live” award- sales for the gorgeous game were disappointing. If you didn’t play the PS2 version will you be picking up a copy for the Wii? Hit up ourforumsand give us a piece of your mind.

Mar 18, 2008