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Official PlayStation Magazine is the UK's best-selling video games magazine. Every issue is your personal all-access invitation to the world of PS4, PS5, and PS VR gaming. The team have been writing about PlayStation since the 90s and have passionate and informed knowledge of the world's best-selling video games console. Each issue is a mix of honest reviews, informed previews, and exclusive access to the biggest new games coming to PlayStation. 

Each issue the team scour the world for the hottest PlayStation news. We visit the biggest video game studios to bring you our informed opinion on the best games coming to PS4, PS5, and PS VR.

"The team on Official PlayStation Magazine is as passionate about games as our readers," says Official PlayStation Magazine editor Ian Dean. "We spend every hour in the day playing, talking, and arguing about PlayStation games. Whether its Persona 5 or Call Of Duty, or uncovering the latest hot indie to break out, we want to play EVERY game we can. And we do so to ensure every issue of Official PlayStation Magazine leaves our readers informed and entertained." 

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In every issue of Official PlayStation Magazine you'll find:

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  • From in-depth reviews to unflinching interviews, and reaction to the biggest stories in PlayStation, you can trust our writers to deliver the opinion you can trust.
  • Exclusive studio access: We meet the teams behind the biggest games, including going hands on with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare at Infinity Ward, playing The Last Of Us Part 2 at Naughty Dog, and scooping the first interview with Resident Evil 3's dev team.
  • Regular features including The Big 10 (best month's news dissected), insightful columns such as Opinion (video gaming's best writers let rip), and Classic Game (we reveal how and why the best games of yesteryear were made). 
  • Build your PlayStation games collection with our expert buyer's guide; every issue we suggest the 25 must-play games on PlayStation 4.
  • Regular free gifts such as our Resident Evil 2 branded sweatbands, collectible art posters, and soundtrack CDs, including Days Gone.

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