Official PlayStation Magazine Australia - June 2018 edition out now!

Issue 147 of Australia's official PlayStation resource is on newsstands right now! As you'll see above, there's a big 'ol cover feature dedicated to Lara Croft's forthcoming adventure. To celebrate, the cover is shinier than usual (mere online images aren't enough to take in the splendour, naturally).

Elsewhere, we've got a huge look at Detroit: Become Human, the forthcoming The Walking Dead first-person shooter(a good one this time!) and our God of War review is inside, too. Oh, and we played the new Dark Souls remaster and naturally, we died a bunch. We should know better by now.

OH. And if you're yet to download Fortnite, there's no reason not to give it a whirl now: we've tucked a 16-page beginners guide into this issue as a nice bonus. We hope you enjoy. 

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