Official PlayStation Magazine 163 reveals how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order plays…And it's like Sekiro

Discover how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order plays, and get a free Days Gone soundtrack CD.

With only days to go until EA and Respawn officially reveal how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order plays at E3 2019, Official PlayStation Magazine #163 gets ahead of the pack with an exclusive interview with the game's director, where he explains exactly that. Oh, and there's a FromSoftware vibe to Stig Asmussen's explanation.

The director calls it "thoughtful combat," adding, "it’s not about body count. It’s more about really figuring out what is the best angle to get on your enemy, and what’s the best way to take them down. That’s not only single combatants, but it’s also like, the arrangements, of specific enemies that you have in any given fight.”

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Given EA's track record with cancelling story-driven, single-player Star Wars games all eyes are on this year's release. As well as the combat Asmussen details the main character's journey through the game, teases its place in the Star Wars canon, and explains why the team – comprised of ex-Batman Arkham, Uncharted, and Titanfall devs – chose Order 66 as the backdrop for their Star Wars adventure.

PS5 spec appeal

What do PS5's specs mean? Experts and developers discuss PS5's SSD, ray-tracing, 3D Audio, and more in OPM#163.

What do PS5's specs mean? Experts and developers discuss PS5's SSD, ray-tracing, 3D Audio, and more in OPM#163.

With Sony's next console getting closer by the day, Official PlayStation Magazine #163 chats to leading experts in their fields, as well as developers and artists, about what the specs for PS5 actually mean.

Christopher Nichols is the director of Chaos Group Labs who's rendering software has been used in many Hollywood VFX films, including bringing Thanos to the big screen. He knows a thing or two about ray-tracing

In OPM#163, Nichols explains: "In PS5 games, light will be a full-fledged character, driving immersion whether you’re paying attention to it or not. This will fundamentally change the design process for the thousands of developers working on console and multi-platform games."

Bordering on amazing

Can Borderlands 3 be more than a nice looking take on Borderlands 2? Find out on OPM#163.

Can Borderlands 3 be more than a nice looking take on Borderlands 2? Find out on OPM#163.

Back to PS4, and the team go hands-on with Borderlands 3. The anticipated sequel to one of the best co-op shooters on console is almost here, and the team spend two days with the game.

Taking the series interstellar onto new planets, Borderlands 3 could be the best loot-shooter since Destiny. The question is, does the old-fashioned gameplay still stack up in 2019? Read the team's honest hands-on this issue.

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There's more in Official PlayStation Magazine #163 too, with State Of Play revealing Final Fantasy VII Remake, Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne, and MediEvil the team examine what it's in store for these games. Plus, the team sit in on an exclusive look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint in action. Could this be the most ambitious shooter on PS4?

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