Ocean's run dry

Some of you may be sad to hear that the forthcoming Ocean’s Thirteen will be the last outing for Danny, Rusty and their ever-increasing pack of safe-crackers.

After Ocean’s Twelve, some of you may be slightly relieved that George Clooney and chums aren’t going to roll out Ocean’s Fourteen but before you suddenly leap into the air, whoopin’ with joy making a co-worker wee himself – listen to the plans for Ocean’s Thirteen.

“Ocean's Thirteen is a comedy, and this time Al Pacino is a great bad guy. In fact this guy's a monster,” Soderbergh told the International Film Festival in Edinburgh. “Ocean's Thirteen will be the last one. George, especially, wanted ‘to go out strong’, and Ocean's Twelve was too complicated.”

Ocean’s Thirteen is currently shooting in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and is set to arrive in cinemas 8 June 2007.

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