Obscure II hands-on

Survival horror can be a lot of hard work, especially when there's no light relief to break up the gore-filled barrage of trouser-filling frights. So just as the movie world has Scream and The Faculty to have fun with the formula, so gaming has Obscure - and we've been given hands-on access to a nearly finished PS2 build of its sequel, Obscure II.

The game's unique in that its co-operative two-player mode runs for the entire game. We were impressed with the sheer number of dialogue lines as the two characters conversed almost continuously throughout the gameplay, without noticeably repeating themselves. The voice acting is high in quality too, with readings that sound like the actors actually understand script context - much better than some other games we could mention from the genre (cough, Resident Evil, cough).

Above: Oh come on, it's onlythe corpse of one of your classmates- stop being such a wimp