Oblivion expands

The fifth installment in pay-per-play expanded content for the already way-too-big Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion hits this week. The Mehrune's Razor plug-in boasts the biggest crypt you'll ever find in Cyrodill: the vast, once-lost Ayleid city or Varsa Baalim. This ruin is home to a fearsome Daedric artifact known as Mehrune's Razor - a dagger with the power to kill in a single strike.

You are not alone in your pursuit of this powerful weapon. A plot to unseat the council through malevolent use of the Razor has been uncovered. A race to recover the artifact will land you in violent conflict inside the enormous dungeon, but you'll have help: in addition to the dagger, you'll also find 17 new magical items that the Ayleids squirreled away.

While the most expensive of the add-in content packs, Mehrune's Razor is still cheap at$2.99 for the PC, or 250 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360. The doors to Varsa Baalim and Mehrune's Razor open on June 15.

June 14, 2006