Now TV Sky Sports pass price slashed by over 40% for six months with this deal

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Getting access to streaming services, quality content, and usually-expensive TV packages without being tied into long contracts has been a big boon of the past few years, what with the rise of Now TV in the UK. Giving you temporary access to loads of excellent content for smaller fees has gone down very well and is great for one off, or occasional use. And deals on such packages or passes are even better, with prices slashed and temptations higher! And this here deal is such a tempter.

Right now - but only until the 24th of February - you can pick up a six-month Now TV Sky Sports Pass and get it for just £19.99 a month! The usual price of £33.99 is often eyebrow-raising enough so getting it for a nice, round twenty quid is excellent going.

If you're a sports fan as well as a games fan, like me, there's always a time and opportunity to fit one in around the other. And having a Now TV Sky Sports pass is one of the most convenient ways to get a televised game or several. This Now TV deal comes at a great time with some fun looking fixtures coming up this weekend and next. There's Norwich v Liverpool on Saturday 15th Feb, Chelsea v Man Utd on Monday 17th Feb and Liverpool v West Ham on Monday 24th Feb. Well, those will probably be fun for Liverpool fans anyway. I'm a West Ham fan so I'll likely want to look away.

Now TV Sky Sports Pass | Six months | £19.99 a month (save over 40%)

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Now TV Sky Sports Pass | Six months | £19.99 a month (save over 40%)
This is a great deal to basically see you through until the end of the Premier League season. We've never seen a lower monthly price either. This deal gets you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels.

It's very much worth noting that while you'll pay £19.99 a month for six months of Sky Sports Month Pass, it will auto-renew at £33.99 afterwards unless you cancel it.

It's worth checking out the other now TV content while you consider a Sky Sports Pass too. The Entertainment pass is packed with loads of top box sets (the complete run of Game of Thrones is on there at the moment too). You can also sign up for a discounted Sky Cinema pass which gets a new movie premiere every day. Here are the latest offers.

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