Norman Reedus posts freaky video starring Silent Hill's Robbie the Rabbit

Norman Reedus and Robbie the Rabbit
(Image credit: Norman Reedus)

A new Silent Hill video posted by Norman Reedus has revived speculation that the star's part in the horror franchise may not have ended with P.T.

Reedus posted a brief video to Instagram that shows him walking alongside Robbie the Rabbit, the freaky theme park mascot who became a series staple starting in Silent Hill 3. The video is overlaid with psychedelic color effects and is deliberately distorted, but you can make out Reedus in a stylized skeleton bodysuit with one arm behind his back as he struts along next to the bloody-faced bunny like the two are old pals. Its caption is the word "G'nite."

Reedus posts all kinds of bizarrely edited videos to his Instagram account, so there's nothing particularly unusual about that. But the fact that this video frames him alongside a prominent Silent Hill character, when Reedus was originally meant to be the protagonist of Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills project, is very much A Thing.

The problem is that we don't know if Reedus is simply paying tribute to those long-suffering Silent Hill fans, if he's teasing an upcoming announcement that will bring him back to the franchise, or if he just thought it would be cool to do a weird video with a freaky bunny suit man and Robbie fit the bill. We'll just have to wait and see if this latest Silent Hill tease goes anywhere.

While Konami hasn't made any official announcements about the future of the Silent Hill franchise, it has made a deal with The Medium studio Bloober Team to create projects based on both new and existing franchises - and since Bloober Team specializes in horror, it's natural to wonder if a new Silent Hill may be first on its docket.

Elsewhere, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama's new studio has shared some straight-up demonic looking concept art for its first project. And that indie studio which half the internet thought was a front for Hideo Kojima announcing his return to the Silent Hill franchise for a hot minute is putting out a special Realtime Experience app in August, which will give fans a firsthand look at what Abandoned really is (which is, again, not Silent Hill).

However this all shakes out, hopefully we get a new Silent Hill title to add to our list of the best horror games someday.

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