Abandoned Trailers App pre-load goes live later this month

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

The long-awaited Abandoned Trailers App will be available to pre-load later this month before launching in August.

The announcement came just yesterday through the Blue Box Game Studios Twitter account, through the tweet seen just below. In the reveal, the developer announces that the Abandoned Trailers App will be available for pre-load later this month on all PS5 consoles from July 29, just over two weeks from now.

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This is all before the Abandoned Trailers App actually goes live on August 10. At this time, the Trailers App will launch, before the first trailer for the survival horror game actually launches at some point later in the month. We don't yet know what the "introduction" phase is that's taking place in the Trailers App on August 10, but we're not too far away from finding out for ourselves. 

If you're wondering why the developers behind Abandoned are putting out a Trailers App, instead of just releasing the trailer through YouTube or another streaming service, Blue Box Game Studios founder Hasan Kahraman has an explanation just below. The developers behind Abandoned want the player to be able to feel the DualSense features like haptic feedback, as well as the 3D audio, through the PS5 itself, hence the decision to release the trailer through an on-console app.

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It's an intriguing prospect, to say the least. If the new debut from Blue Box Game Studios goes well through the Abandoned Trailers App, and gives the player a better sense of the game through the console features, who's to say this couldn't be picked up on by other PlayStation developers in the future?

Of course, the Abandoned Trailers App was originally intended to launch last month in June. Just a few days before launch however, the developer announced that the app had been delayed to August, with studio head Kahraman saying that "the last few weeks were very stressful to us."

This all follows from speculation that Blue Box Game Studios was actually Kojima Productions in disguise, rebooting the Silent Hill franchise with Hideo Kojima secretly in charge. The developer denied the speculation numerous times, but that didn't stop the internet picking up the rumors and running absolutely wild with them. If there was still any doubt whatsoever: no, Abandoned is not secretly a Silent Hill revival.

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