PS5 survival horror game Abandoned delays its reveal app to August

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

The dedicated reveal app for PS5 survival horror game Abandoned has been delayed to August.

Developer Blue Box Game Studios announced the delay today, shortly before the app was originally intended to launch, and just five days after pushing the app back a few days "due to localization issues." 

"The last few weeks were very stressful to us," studio head Hasan Kahraman said in a new short video. "The team is very tired. We were hoping to release the app today, and I know that a lot of you have been looking forward to it, so thank you very much for that. I really appreciate that. However, I've decided to delay the app until August. That's when the first trailer will also be released. We just wanted to give you a solid first impression of the game. Right now, the app isn't quite there yet. We just want to have it meet our own expectations first. There are also last-minute bugs we had to deal with, the localization isn't fully completed yet. So yeah, I hope you understand, I'm sorry for this, and thank you for your support." 

The reveal app for Abandoned has been described as a dedicated, somewhat interactive experience intended to introduce the game. It sounds like a playable trailer that's less detailed than a demo, but the details are thin on the ground. We've never really seen a trailer app quite like this, or at least I can't remember one, let alone for a PS5 game, so it'll be interesting to see how it feels. 

These delays have come on the heels of a renewed and futile wave of conspiracies surrounding Abandoned and Blue Box. As early as April, some began to speculate that Hideo Kojima and the Silent Hill IP were somehow connected to the game based on theories so soft you could spread them on toast. All of this recently boiled over, and on a scale that prompted Blue Box to repeatedly dismiss the rumors and promise a Q&A clearing everything up. 

"I just wanted to do a really quick video to show myself, that I'm a real person," Kahraman said in another video earlier this week, affirming the legitimacy of Abandoned. "I'm not really associated with Hideo Kojima. I'm not an actor. I'm not working on Silent Hill."

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