No one buys Euro PS3 on eBay

Perhaps expectedly, auction site salesmen have been rather presumptuous with their eBay prices after the PS3 launch in Europe, marking up consoles to as much as £600 (about $1,200)on the site.

Thankfully, it looks like there's no one out there silly enough or in a remote enough Welsh village to pay the eBay seller's prices. Though things could certainly change after the consumer troops clean up the last wave of PS3s left in the stores this morning.

The highest actual bid we've encountered thus far has been this PS3 auction where one lucky bidder is currently offering a £499 (about $950)price tag on a PS3 and one game.

We expect the true eBay consensus to emerge after the weekend shopping spree - sowe'll continue to update you withauction fun. It's safe to say that there's none of the nonsense we saw at Wii, 360 and US PS3 launches to been seen though.

March 23, 2007