No More Heroes strategy guide: Kill the killers

Holly Summers

Here friend, is where the pain kicks in. Miss Summers does not go down easily. At all. In fact you can feel free to subdue any feelings of failure you might experience while fighting her with the knowledge that our office carpet was thoroughly buried under torn hair and tears by the time we eventually beat her. But we have learned from our hardship and we want to spare you that same trauma, so here's how we did it.

  • Firstly, do not worry about the pits. Yes, they're annoying, and yes they can break your rhythm, but they're easy to get out of before her follow-up attack and a lot of the time being in one will actually save you from the brunt of her rocket attack. They're really a secondary consideration.
  • The fight works like a faster paced version of Shinobu's fight. Keep mid-range distance until you see Holly make a move, and then react.
  • Use a sideways roll when you see her charge up the throwing knives. Despite their spread, the middle one will usually be aimed straight at you, so you'll roll into the gap betweenit and the one next to it.
  • When she nips off to cover a hole in the sand it's tempting to follow her for some free hits, but don't bother. She runs away very quickly when the job is done, so unless you just happen to be right next to her, the chances are she'll be gone before you can strike.

  • The biggest problem Holly will give you is the missile shot, but while it's undoubtedly an attack you do not want to make close friends with, it can be exploited for big hits with a bit of practice. Your approach should be another variation of the non-lock on, wide-arc-into-spiral circular run in order to avoid it and get close to her, but the trick is all in the timing. You'll want to start running to the side as soon as she gets ready to fire, but don't. You'll be too close to her when the rockets launch, and they'll come straight at you. Instead, wait until you can actually see the rockets appear. That way they'll start tracking you at the widest part of the circle and end up behind you as they lose ground trying to reach you. Run in a circle until you hear the first couple of rockets hit the ground, and then spiral in for the hit. The rest should land behind you, leaving you free to give her a good stoving.
  • Towards the end of the fight she%26rsquo;ll jump up onto the rock at the end of the beach and start firing rockets and grenades. Just keep your distance to avoid the grenades and use the same tactic as usual for the rockets. Skip the last step though, as you can't hit her while she%26rsquo;s up there. Eventually she%26rsquo;ll jump down again, so just wait it out.
  • Holly is more dangerous than most if she blocks up close. Her sand kick move will stun you, and if she follows up with a big attack it's not going to be pleasant. Her evasive grenade jump (Shades of Quake 3?) will also hurt if you're too close, and if she unleashes a rocket attack up close then you might as well go home. Do not try to break through her block. Instead, if she starts defending at any point, just roll away and wait for another opportunity for a clean combo.
David Houghton
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