No More Heroes strategy guide: Kill the killers

The Final Battle

To quote the great Dr. Peter Venkman, nimble little minx, ain’t she? Actually landing a hit on your adversary will be your biggest challenge in this fight. She’s fast, she can cover a lot of ground very quickly, and her recovery times are virtually non-existant. That said, she’s far from unbeatable if you stick with it and use everything you’ve learned so far. Treat her like an ultra-fast version of Shinobu and use the same hold back/evade/quick hit/get away approach. Keep your distance, but stay close enough to hit her fast if you get a chance, and always stay locked on with Z to keep up with her.

  • Her charged moves and combos thrust forward with a little recover time needed after each one, so roll away and use that time to attack. Don%26rsquo;t expect to get a full combo in, as her defense and evasion is ridiculously good, and roll backwards as soon as she starts blocking.

  • Never be tempted to go for a grapple move if you get her dizzy through winning a weapon-clash (or getting very lucky with a sword/kick combo). She%26rsquo;ll always reverse it and crack your arm to splinters. You can do without that, so take the opportunity to use a sword combo instead. Be very fast with your slashes though.
  • Don%26rsquo;t be phased when she shrinks the fighting arena. Just do your best to keep your distance and carry on as before.
  • You can follow up on the shockwave attack she starts using in the second half of the fight by using the usual tactic, but remember that her recovery time from this one is much shorter than Destroyman%26rsquo;s.
  • And that%26rsquo;s it! Onto the ending. We strongly recommend you select %26ldquo;Real ending%26rdquo; when you get the option, but absolutely make sure you save first. You%26rsquo;ll find out why. Good luck!
David Houghton
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