No More Heroes strategy guide: Kill the killers

Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii

Not in any way as hard as he looks. If you've got this far he shouldn't give you too much trouble if you keep your cool. The only thing you need to remember is to keep your distance at all times, as most of his moves have a fast recovery time and he seems to be able to block in any direction except when he's prone.

  • His sword combos move straight ahead, so they're easy to avoid. Just watch for the two-part attack with the heavily delayed last hit. He can change direction during it, so get ready with that second roll or it'll catch you by surprise. If you're really fast and feeling lucky though, you can sometimes get a hit in just before it.
  • A quick side-roll will evade his pidgeon attack, but it'll have to be quick. The pidgeons don't look too fast at first, but once they lock onto you, they'll home in as if nitro-boosted. And don't try to hit or block them. They%26rsquo;re tenacious little buggers.
  • The screen-flipping trick is really disorienting, especially given the joy of gimped controls, so your best bet is usually to run away once you're upside down. It doesn't last long, so if you get clear quickly you'll be fine. Harvey does tend to let his guard down just after the flip though, so if you already happen to be really close when he performs it, you know what to do.

  • The spin move really has to be avoided. He moves fast during it and his hit-range is massive. Make sure you get out of the way when he charges it, drop your block, and start running away immediately. Run in a straight line to put as much distance between you and him as you can, and don't stop until you hear the move end. The length of the stage will usually give you enough running space to escape (But not always. Just hope for the best), and you should always follow up by flicking around, locking on, and pummeling away.
  • Occasionally he will stand still and release a single pidgeon. Use his theatricality against him and attack if you're close enough. He won't block while showing off, and this is your best chance for dropping in a katana/kick/grapple combo.
  • Don't worry about the teleporting. Stay locked on by default and you'll always keep up with him.
  • When Travis ends up in a box for the magic trick, it's more funny than a problem. It's easy enough to get out if you follow the on-screen prompts quickly enough. Just make sure you do though, as it's insta-death if you don't make it. Bah!
David Houghton
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