No Man's Sky's Singularity Expedition kicks off a five-week story arc

No Man's Sky
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The tenth No Man's Sky expedition update is out today, which is sending players on a galaxy-wide quest.

Singularity is out today on June 7 for No Man's Sky on all platforms. This update finally introduces rampant AI robots into the spacefaring game, as part of a storyline that's actually going to evolve over the coming few weeks, and not just drop all at once for players to uncover.

This sort of longer narrative began with the Interceptor update for No Man's Sky earlier this year, and Singularity is continuing this tradition. Players will get to investigate weird robotic heads scattered around the galaxy, and uncover cryptic clues as to where the story will go from there.

The Singularity expedition will last five weeks in total, and the No Man's Sky community will come together to work with Nada and Polo to unravel the mystery. Hello Games really doesn't want to give away much more than this right now for Singularity's story, so we're sort of left in the dark here.

However, we know that Singularity will end with players having to make a choice that'll have "far-reaching consequences." If this doesn't sound incredibly ominous we don't know what does, and there's a sense each player will have to make the choice individually, rather than one collective group.

Oh, and Singularity will tease what's coming in the future for No Man's Sky. Again, we aren't really privy to a whole lot of details here, but it sounds like by the end of Singularity's evolving storyline, we'll have a really good idea of where Hello Games will be taking us in the future.

Singularity's also boasting a "large number of rewards and souvenirs" which can be redeemed across all saves for players. There's also a new character customization set, No Man's Sky's first such update in years, and it sounds like a banging robotic customization set, unlike anything else before it.

Singularity is out today for No Man's Sky across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and VR devices, and it sounds like it could be one of the game's most exciting updates in years. 

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