No Man's Sky players are once again doing very silly things with Sean Murray's face

I may never understand the fixation that the No Man's Sky community seems to have with Sean Murray, founder of developer Hello Games, but I will always appreciate it. Exhibit A: in the lead-up to No Man's Sky's long-awaited Next expansion, one Reddit user counted the days with shopped photos of Murray sporting increasingly ridiculous beards which rival the level-10 facial hair in Red Dead Redemption 2. Exhibit B: as our sister site PC Gamer (opens in new tab) reported, following the release of Next another player made a giant version of Murray's face on the side of a planet. This brings us to exhibit C: the No Man's Sky subreddit (opens in new tab) has been having quite a lot of fun with Murray's name and likeness this week. 

Nearest I can tell, it all started on Monday, November 12 with this fairly innocuous image from user HelloGamesTM1 (opens in new tab), aptly titled Sean Blurry. 

Incidentally, Monday was my birthday, and I'd like to take a moment to thank HelloGamesTM1 for this gift. Because after Sean Blurry, the gloves absolutely came off. Within hours, CabbageNerd (opens in new tab) added Sean Curry to the list.  

Not only that, CabbageNerd (opens in new tab) followed up with Sean Flurry. 

Minutes later, EdVintage (opens in new tab) gave us Sean Hurry. 

And not 30 minutes after that, CabbageNerd (opens in new tab) returned brandishing an impressive Sean Jury.

These are all great, but I have to admit I'm partial to RenegadeFalcon's (opens in new tab) creation, Sean Shaken-Not-Stirry (thumbnail credit). 

New to the Murray arms race, user mattychestnuts (opens in new tab) hit the ground running with a candid shot of Sean Furry.  

More recently, players realized Murray is more than just his last name, so dkfromga (opens in new tab) up and changed the game with Lawn Murray. 

Lo and behold, Lawn Murray sparked a renaissance which is still going to this day. My favorite so far is Kahn Murray from dwfergusson (opens in new tab).  

I genuinely hope this stuff inspires more Sean Murray cosplay.  

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