No Man's Sky devs announce "Path Finder Update," and it comes with a new vehicle

No Man's Sky was an ambitious game that failed to live up to fan expectations. In many players' minds, there just wasn't enough content - an entire universe to explore, but only a handful of things to actually do. Well, hopefully that will change when the game receives the recently-announced "Path Finder Update," which developer Hello Games claims "shows the path forward" for the game.

Details are scarce for the moment, but we know the update will at least add a new vehicle designed to "aid home planet exploration." Personally, I'm hoping for something of a rover design, like the Mako or Nomad from Mass Effect. No other details were given, though we won't have to wait long to find out what else is in the update, as Hello Games said it will be distributed later this week.

I'm curious: Is a new vehicle enough to excite you, or will you wait to see what else the future holds? And if you tried No Man's Sky but quit, what would it take to draw you back?

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Sam Prell

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