No director yet for Thor 2

TF thought the search for a Thor 2 director was done and dusted, with TV veteran Brian Kirk ( Games Of Thrones , Boardwalk Empire , Dexter ) in talks to land the job.

But an interview with Avengers star Tom Hiddleston – AKA Loki in Thor – suggests the post hasn't yet been filled and he hasn't spoken to Kirk.

"I haven’t. I also don’t know that that’s actually confirmed," Hiddleston told MTV . "That’s not me being coy. I spoke to Kevin Feige last week on [The Avengers] set and he said, 'Oh no, we haven’t got anyone yet. We’re thinking about people. I think [ Kirk's ] name is definitely in the hat, but I don’t think anything is solid."

Hiddleston said the film would probably start shooting next spring and the storyline will likely pick-up where The Avengers finishes.

"In The Avengers he’s really dark and kind of sociopathic, or maybe even psychopathic is the word, in a deluded way," he explained. "Obviously I haven’t let go of the spiritual damage at the heart of him, it still comes from that lost place, but he’s just incredibly nasty. I think that probably in Thor 2 ... he’ll have to take responsibility for what he’s done."

"The great thing about Loki is there is potential in him for greatness and awfulness, for great heroism and great villainy," Hiddleston continued. "There are still, even within The Avengers , there are moments where you see within Loki a glimmer of hope and that possibility of redemption."

Could that see Thor and Loki teaming up?

“I for one am championing the redemption. This isn’t definitely going to happen, but I think there would be nothing more awesome than seeing Loki and Thor fight somebody side by side," Hiddleston added.