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No Cabin In The Woods til 2011

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and Firefly and all around fanboy favourite, has spent much of the past 6 months hard at work on Cabin In The Woods , a secretive horror project co-written by Cloverfield scribe Drew Goddard.

Test screenings have been overwhelmingly positive, so MGM are doing what movie studios are prone to doing when faced with a home-run - they're delaying it by 11 months.

Originally scheduled for release in February 2010, Cabin won't now be released until January 2011.

Officially, the studio line is that they want to convert the film to 3D, a process that can take up to six months when done retroactively. Imagine somebody actually trying to release a non-3D horror in this day and age. Beggars belief.

The conversion doesn't explain the other 5 months of delay, mind.

Whatever the reason, we're thoroughly disappointed by the delay, as anything Joss touches makes it must see in our book. Yes, that includes Dollhouse.

Cabin with the goods? Or cabin on the shelf? Let us know your thoughts.