No amount of over-the-top weapons will make me play this spider-hunting game in VR

Kill It With Fire VR
(Image credit: Casey Donnellan Games)

Kill It With Fire, a spider-hunting game that's been out on consoles and PC for a few years, is getting the VR treatment and I'd just like to go on record as being absolutely not the target audience for this particular port.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that fans will get to experience spider-hunting up lose and personal, and I'm also happy to see more traditional games go virtual, but there is no world where I want the nightmare I always have about spiders taking over my home to become even more realistic. I could even see myself playing the game on Switch or PS5 when I want a good thrill - just not in VR.

Anyway, enough about my arachnophobia. According to solo developer Casey Donnellan, a VR port of Kill It With Fire has been a popular request since the game's original launch, even if "kill it with fire" is exactly what I want to do to creatures in this VR game. Regardless, if you're psyched to track, smash, slice, blow up, and set ablaze the hundreds of spiders infesting your place of residence, Kill It With Fire hits PSVR 2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest 2 sometime "later this year."

"Fans have been asking for a VR version of Kill It With Fire since the very first footage of the original game," said Donnellan in a press release. "I'm really happy that we can finally put horrifying spiders on a screen less than an inch from players' eyeballs!"

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Jordan Gerblick

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