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How to get more Nioh 2 healing elixir items to keep your health up

Nioh 2 elixir healing items
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Knowing how to get more Nioh 2 healing elixir really is pivotal to your success, because you're facing a constant battle and if you can't regain your health then it's unlikely you'll avoid death for long. That's just how things go in Nioh 2, but you can improve your chances by gathering as many of these health potions as possible. Each Nioh 2 elixir that you consume will restore a section of your health, and as you only get three of them to start with every time you pray you'll benefit massively from knowing how to get more of these healing items.

Obtaining more Nioh 2 healing elixir can be done in a few different ways. The main way you’ll gain more of them is by killing enemies, which is all well and good except when you’re struggling to kill said enemies because you’ve got no healing items. You can easily see how you could end up in a horrifically unpleasant cycle here. 

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How to get more Nioh 2 healing elixir items

nioh 2 elixir Make An Offering

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There another way of getting Elixirs. When you pray at a shrine, you’ll see the option there to Make Offering. If you choose this, then donate some items using Make An Offering, you’ll earn Divine Rice, this is a special kind of currency that can only be used at the Kodama Bazaar. If you then open up the Kodama Bazaar, you’ll see that you can buy Elixirs there, along with other things like arrows and ammo for your guns. 

Given how much loot you get as you play Nioh 2, the items you donate won’t be missed, but you’ll definitely appreciate the increase in Elixirs. Plus, you’ll actually get given items for donating things, and these are often Elixirs too. 

Also, you can boost the likelihood of getting Elixirs by taking the Kodama Blessing called Healer Blessing. This can be unlocked if you find the right Kodama in an area, and it grants a higher chance of seeing Elixirs as drops when killing off enemies. 

Nioh 2 Onmyo Magic Talisman

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There are also other ways to heal. Including more powerful items like the Herbal Remedy, and you can also invest in some Onmyo Magic that can heal you too. The magic is particularly useful as it comes in a few different forms. One of these is the Life Leech Talisman, which basically allows you to steal the life of anything you hit. Another is the Oasis Talisman which lays down a healing aura on the ground. The biggest advantage of this is that you can also heal any teammates at the same time, making it ideal for co-op play. The other main Onmyo healing magic is the Rejuvenation Talisman, which functions a lot like Elixirs.

nioh 2 hot springs

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Finally, there are also Hot Springs in some levels. These are often hidden behind fake walls, which are yokai called Nurikabe. If you can find one, resting in it will fully heal you and will also grant you a buff that will slowly restore your health for two minutes. 

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