Nintendo warns of fake websites selling discounted Switch consoles

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo is warning online shoppers of fake websites selling discounted Switch consoles.

In an update shared to Nintendo's Japanese website (thanks, Siliconera), Nintendo singles out one website in particular for reportedly using its iconic logo illegally and pretending to be official. The fake website has apparently been selling Nintendo products, like the best-selling Switch console, at "significantly discounted" prices. Nintendo doesn't link to the website or include any details about its URL or homepage other than the supposed infringements, instead sharing a link to the real Japanese Nintendo website.

"Purchasing products on fake sites may result in fraudulent damage such as unauthorized acquisition of personal information," reads a portion of the update auto-translated by Google. "Please be careful not to mistake it for our website, and do not purchase products from fake websites."

In general, with the high demand currently going for Switch consoles - whether it's Switch Lite, OLED Switch, or the OG Switch - it's unlikely a legit, authorized reseller would discount the console substantially. Unless it's a bundle that includes a free game or something, you can generally expect to pay full price for a new Switch, so be wary of any retail listing selling one for less than the $299 sticker.

It's unclear if this is mainly a problem in the Japanese market or if it's a worldwide thing, but we've reached out to Nintendo for clarification and we'll update this article if we hear back. For now, it's best to exercise caution when you're dealing with an unfamiliar website purporting to be Nintendo.

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