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Nintendo uses burlesque dancer to sell Wii, sadly remains family friendly

Above: The video player currently used for this makes our site vomit, so clickthis image for the ad instead

"Jade", should you believe her to be a real person and not a made-up construct living in a suspiciously Nintendo ad campaign-styled home, covers all Nintendoad bases, being a) a woman, b) attractive to the men viewers yet homely and empowered for the women viewers, and c) fairly ambiguous of ethnic heritage and therefor probably demographic-baiting gold in the eyes of a marketing man.

She poses, she dances, she tends to child, and most importantly of all she does all of this relatable modern-woman activity while powered by Wii Fit.

Above: Or, if it pleases you more, this one

Wii Fit! Modern Woman! Burlesque! Mothering! Burlesque! ASPIRATION! I come at this with a cynical media-savvy head, obviously, but to be fair it's a pretty clever if highly calculated mash-up of themes for the market Nintendo is going for. Particularly given burlesque's resurgent cool over the last few years and the fact that there's currently a movie out with the name of said art form as its title.

There areevena couple ofbrief shots where you can see herbehind the fans. You know, for dads. What do you reckon? Sharp, progressive advertising, or ultra-cynical demographic laser? Or are you just disappointed that there aren't enough nipple tassels?

Above: Oh go on, have a couple of Photoshopped ones then

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