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Nintendo Switch finally heads to Brazil three years after launch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo announced today it will bring the Switch to Brazil, three years after the console launched.

The company pulled out of business in Brazil in 2015 due to high tariffs, according to Engadget. Since game import taxes were lowered last August, Nintendo clearly thinks it's time to do business in Brazil again.

Brazilian gamers have been pushing for Nintendo to bring the Switch to their country for quite some time - they even hosted their own informal Nintendo Direct in July 2019 to try and drum up attention. According to Comscore, Brazil is the fourth-largest gaming market in the world behind only India, the US, and China (who only got the Switch late last year). I can only imagine how many Animal Crossing: New Horizons island are going to start popping up whenever Switch debuts in Brazil. 

There's no clear launch date for Switch in Brazil, but Nintendo has promised that it's "coming soon" and told fans to keep an eye out on social media accounts for future announcements. Brazilian Switch players will have a wealth of games to choose from to celebrate getting the console in their hands, including the aforementioned Animal Crossing title, Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Bioshock series, and a ton of upcoming indies. They may even get a chance to play as Brazilian skater Bob Burnquist in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 - as GamesRadar reported, Nintendo Switch files were recently uncovered in the game's demo code.

Olá amiga, here's the best upcoming Nintendo Switch games. 

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