Here's all the rest of the news from Nintendo's 'Micro' Direct

Nintendo held a surprise "micro" Nintendo Direct this morning, and it talked up a bunch of upcoming games beyond Splatoon Zappers, a Bravely Second release date, and a new Chibi Robo. It makes you wonder what Nintendo's saving to debut at E3. But until then, new games!

Dr. Mario Miracle Cure will hit 3DS on June 11, layering a bunch of new aspects on the classic pill-dropping formula (and yes, you're 100-percent free to disable or ignore them if you'd rather just play regular Dr. Mario). The eponymous miracle cures are the biggest change - they're little bonus items that drop in when you fill a meter, destroying whole columns or colors worth of pills and viruses.

If you're more into exploring randomized dungeons than throwing pills at problems, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon may be worth a look this winter. Nintendo says it's the "ultimate version" of the Mystery Dungeon series, featuring 20 playable Pokemon and in-game appearances from every last pocket monster.

Speaking of collecting and battling, Puzzle & Dragons Z will begin getting free DLC dungeons starting this week, and Little Battlers Experience will let players customize their own tiny robots to fight in 6-player battles on 3DS on August 21.

Nintendo also announced Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which will offer two new/returning events for the upcoming competition: rugby sevens exclusively on Wii U and golf on 3DS. And you can draw some fanart of Waluigi's performance in the rhythmic gymnastics event ahead of time with Art Academy Home Studio on Wii U, starting June 25.

Lastly, Nintendo also introduced a new trailer for Namco Bandai's upcoming Wii U four-player co-op game, Project Treasure, in which pants are evidently optional.

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