Bravely Default sequel Bravely Second journeys west in 2016

Bravely Second - sequel to developer Square Enix's 2014 JRPG Bravely Default - will indeed battle the forces of evil on 3DS systems in the West in 2016, according to a Nintendo Direct announcement made earlier today. Nintendo's Bill Trinen claimed that the game will feature "everything fans of the original loved," along with a new story and new heroes. The news starts at 15:43 in the video below:

Bravely Default was a JRPG fantasy that told the tale of Agnes Oblige and her struggle to reawaken the Crystals of Luxendarc after they become corrupted by darkness. Saving the world elevated Agnes to a prominent leader, but also turned her into a prime kidnapping target - which she becomes in Bravely Second.

So, who's up to bat for the role of savior in the sequel? Yu. And no, that's not a typo. Players will take control of Yu Zeneolsia, a young knight on a quest to rescue Agnes. Details are scant for now, but the Nintendo Direct features a shot of tank-like vehicles steamrolling across a moon-like surface, which ... yeah, I'm okay with that.

Sam Prell

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