Nintendo kicks off week-long indie showcase promising "updates, announcements, and more"

Nintendo has released the first video in a series of indie updates and announcements that'll run until this weekend.

"Inside the House of Indies" is a new holiday-themed event hosted by Nintendo that showcases games from indie developers. You can watch the first entry in the series just above, featuring a number of existing games announced for Switch and one brand new game getting its world premiere.

We've had Floppy Knights on our 2022 indie radar since it was first announced, and it's been well-received on other platforms. Now, Rose City Games' adorable turn-based card battler has surprise-launched on Switch alongside version 2.0, which adds 24 new levels, more than 50 new cards, and new playable characters.

The first day of Nintendo's Inside the House of Indies event revealed Roman Sands RE:Build, which developer Arbitrary Metric and publisher Serenity Forge describe as a "genre-defying first-person narrative adventure." In stark contrast to some of the other games showcased today, Roman Sands RE:Build "sets the stage for mental whiplash as it eliminates structures and takes players on an existential, philosophical journey requiring the suspension of human reason and our need for logic, process and connection." It's from the minds behind the acclaimed lo-fi horror game Paratopic, so there's plenty of reason to check this out when it launches on Switch and PC in summer 2023.

Pupperazzi, a game where you take pictures of cute dogs - because what else can you ask for? - is coming to Switch sometime in early 2023. We loved Pupperazzi when we played it earlier this year, and it's been well-received on other platforms too. Oh, and yes, you can pet the dogs. Honestly, if developer Sundae Month dropped the ball on dog-petting, we'd be truly lost. 

Finally, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition, a new version of the 2020 action-RPG with "big Sekiro energy," is out on Switch. This is the first time Switch players have been able to dig into Mortal Shell, and they'll do so with the added benefit of having access to the Rotten Autumn update and The Virtuous Cycle DLC.

Check back in tomorrow for more Nintendindies.

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