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Nintendo issues newly-colored DSi/3DS bundles for the holidays

Nintendo is in the midst of its regular holiday push of all its consoles, with the 3DS and DSi XL available in festive new colors and game bundles. European fans have their choice of color (or colour) for a new 3DS, and with it one of two games; across the pond US customers get to pick between two new bundles for the slower but good-natured, great-with-kids DSi XL.

Launching 18 November in European stores, the Ice White 3DS bundle comes with Super Mario 3D Land, which it's fair to say we are anticipating somewhat eagerly. Alternatively, the Coral Pink model comes with the popular nintendogs + cats, because girls like pets and pink is girls' favorite color, obviously.

US customers also get new bundles, with the DSi XL available in new Metallic Rose and Midnight Blue hues. Both come with the gender-neutral Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, and will be available from Nov 6 at $169 RRP. Buy one for the awkward, androgynous child in your extended circle of friends – or, if that child happens to be you, look forward to some plus-sized puzzle-platforming this Christmas.

Oct 25, 2011