Nintendo has big plans for the four year old Animal Crossing: New Leaf this November

Four years ago, Nintendo brought the world of Animal Crossing to 3DS with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This year, it's no doubt hoping to bring a whole bunch of fans back with a major update. A patch scheduled for November 11 will give the game amiibo support, plus more new features that will be revealed in a special Animal Crossing-focused Nintendo Direct airing the same month.

To help bolster New Leaf's new functionality, more Animal Crossing amiibo will be released into the wild, including 50 amiibo cards. Each card represents a specific villager, and tapping them to your 3DS will bring that villager into your town. As for what the figurine amiibo will do, Nintendo hasn't said yet. Expect more info at the November Direct.

And don't forget about that Animal Crossing mobile game in development. If Pokemon Go is anything to go by, we'll have hordes of people on their cell phones scrounging for bells so they can pay off a raccoon landlord.

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Sam Prell

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