Nintendo Direct for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 coming this week

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new Nintendo Direct is coming later this week - and it's dedicated entirely to Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Earlier today on June 20, Nintendo revealed an imminent new Nintendo Direct presentation, scheduled for later this week on June 22, kicking off at 07:00 PT/10:00 ET/15:00 BST. The presentation will be focused entirely on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it appears, and should last for approximately 20 minutes in total.

This will likely be the last time we get a proper look at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 before it launches around the world the next month. Currently, Monolith Soft's forthcoming sequel is set to launch on the Switch on July 29, after originally been pencilled in for a launch a few months later in the year in September 2022.

Previously, we've seen an extensive look at the sequel's retooled combat system, which focuses on the brand new "Interlink" feature, in which party characters group up for huge attacks. These characters are protagonist Noah, followed by Mio, Eunie, Taion, Lanz, Sena, and Zeon, and you can change up classes for characters on the fly as you progress through the game.

All things considered, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is certainly shaping up to be the big summer launch for the Nintendo Switch. With Mario Strikers having already launched earlier this month, and the musou spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors - Three Hopes coming later this week, all eyes will be on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for the next month or so.

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