Nintendo clarifies: the Switch is the part with the screen, not the dock, and it has amiibo support

The Nintendo Switch is more handheld than household-inspired in its designs, with all of its main components housed inside the rectangular chunk of plastic with an LCD screen on it. Speaking to IGN, Nintendo clarified that the docking station seen in the console's trailer merely charges the device while connecting it to your television via HDMI.

Before we dive any further into this: yes, I know that you understood what the Nintendo Switch's dock did. You're smart. And handsome. And funny. God your hair looks great today. But some people out there were either confused or holding out hope that the upcoming console's dock would act as the console a la the Wii U, or at least provide a boost of processing power. It's not, and it doesn't. It's just a charging base that connects the Switch to your TV.

While we're on the subject of clarifying things, those amiibo you saw briefly weren't just subliminal messaging telling you to buy more of these toys - the Nintendo Switch will also support the cute little buggers. So don't worry, you won't have to buy the Wii U version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just so you can use the amiibo shipping alongside it.

Now, who else has questions? Not you, of course. I know you're good.

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