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Nintendo 3DS launch round-up extravaganza

Out today (Friday) in the UK and launching on Sunday in the US, the long-awaited 3DS can finally be yours! But before you join a midnight launch line at Best Buy, you should really have all the best information first. That’s where GR comes in. We’ve collected all our in-depth 3DS launch coverage in one place, that one place being right here!

Above: We remember getting the system like it was last week, which is exactly when it was

Here’s where you’ll find links to our reviews of the biggest launch games, as well as manyinformative features wherein we deconstruct the copious amount of extras that come inside the system. We even tell you how to put boobs on everything. And keep your eye open, because we’ll be updating this as we post more launch info. The future is now!

3DS launch game reviews

Pilotwings Resort
Bite-sized aviation suitable for buses and couches alike

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
A technical powerhouse held back by a few unfortunate issues

Rayman 3D
Does it matter that this launch game is over a decade old?

Nintendogs + Cats
The former best in show can't completely recapture the magic

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Fighting for freedom, wherever there's trouble over land and sea and aiiiir! Tom Clanceeee is thereeee!

Madden NFL Football
An empty feeling no matter the dimension

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
A difficult, tedious game that's just shy of a history lecture

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
3D can't save this sci-fi LEGO smash-and-grab

The Sims 3
More fun than being on fire in real life

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
A good start to the season, but room to improve at the back

Super Monkey Ball 3D
The 3D looks great! Everything else... not so much

Ridge Racer 3D
Well done 3D effects can't mask a bare bones experience

Steel Diver
Surprisingly shallow

3DS launch features

8 amazing 3DS secrets to wow and amaze your friends
You've got your new machine - this'll make you love it even more

3DS: The 12 tips, tricks, pitfalls and pro-hints you NEED to know from day one
A crash course in quickly making friends with your 3DS, based on our two-weeks' experience

Nintendo 3DS unboxing - video and tons of screens
The 3DS has arrived! We've got video of Nintendo's visit, plus so much hardware porn

Using your 3DS to put boobs on everyone and everything
Yeah, pretend this isn't the first thing you're going to do when you get one...

No 3DS games? No problem! Look how much fun we've had with the 3D camera...
See Mario, Link, Samus and more running around in the real world

Why I love my 3DS even though I don't have any actual games for it yet
Could you love your console even without any games to play?

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