Nimble gamer de-feets original Ninja Gaiden with DDR pad

Gaming achievements are subjective, and therefore hard to rate. Nevertheless, if we had to rank this video of the original Ninja Gaiden being played with a Dance Dance Revolution pad, we'd say it falls somewhere between completing Demon's Souls using Nintendo'sR.O.B.and finishing Dead Space 2 with a Power Glove. Don't believe us? Judge for yourself:

This is the final video of an 13-part series documenting Nick 'Dancepad' Hagman's (akaDJ17Nario)eight month quest to happy-feet his way through the 1988 NES classic. As the gaming elite will surely note, this wasn't accomplished over one, continuous session. But then, the guy beat Ninja Gaiden using a frickin' dance pad, so we're inclined to let that particular detail slide.

To watch the entire journey, and Hagman's dance pad skills applied to other games, check outHagman's YouTube page.Jazz hands!


Mar 3, 2011

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