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Nikolaj Arcel nabs Deadman

Nikolaj Arcel is the man that Warners and Guillermo del Toro have selected to handle the Deadman film.

Our hero is Boston Brand, a circus trapeze artist who is murdered by a mysterious killer while performing.

In the afterlife, he's given the ability - by a Hindu goddess, no less - to possess the living (think Quantum Leap meets Ghost) and uses his newfound power to help people while tracking down the man who offed him.

GDT has been developing this one for a while now - back in 2006, when his slate was only slightly less crowded, he scored cash from Warners to shoot a proof-of-concept trailer, but seemingly never quite got around to it.

Now, with The Hobbit filling his days and nights, he's decided to hand it off to Arcel, best known for directing Danish films like The Island Of Lost Souls, which sounds like the perfect background.

While Variety is confirming Arcel's attachment, the real scoop credit goes to the lads at Bloody Disgusting .

Gary Dauberman's writing the script, but there's no word on casting or whether it'll actually get into gear yet...

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