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Nightwing and the new Superman team-up in 2022

Nightwing #89 variant cover
Nightwing #89 variant cover (Image credit: Bengal (DC))

Nightwing and the new Superman Jon Kent will be having a special team-up and crossover of their respective titles in February and March of 2022. It all kicks off in February's Nightwing #89 (by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and Adriano Lucas), and wraps up in March's Superman: Son of Kal-El #9, by the same creative team.

Nightwing #89 cover (Image credit: Bruno Redondo (DC))

Yes, both series are written by Tom Taylor - it makes for a convenient crossover, but it's more than that.

The Nightwing/young Superman team-up is a long time coming. Although Jon Kent is best known for teaming up with Damian Wayne/Robin as the 'Super Sons,' Nightwing and the original Superman have a unique bond of their own - one that was reforged in Nightwing #83

In that issue, also by Taylor and Redondo, the Man of Steel asked Dick Grayson to be there for Jon Kent as he becomes a man (and a Superman) - especially with the original Superman being away from Earth more often these days in Action Comics. 

But he's asking Nightwing to be more than just a fellow superman for his son; Clark asked Dick to be like the late Alfred Pennyworth was to the Bat-Family, a role model he can turn to for guidance and friendship.

Nightwing #89 variant cover (Image credit: Bengal (DC))

So what could Jon Kent kent be going through that would need Nightwing to step in and 'Alfred' him? 

Well, if you haven't been reading Superman: Son of Kal-El recently (or our stories on it), the teen of steel has been fighting against the returned Henry Bendix, with the full power of the Gamorran military behind him. 

They've already destroyed the Kent family farm, and the former Wildstorm villain is widening his scope to every superhero on Earth. In the midst of all this, the young Superman is also in the midst of figuring out his sexuality after falling for The Daily Planet reporter Jay Nakamura. They've kissed, but… what's next?

Nightwing has acted as a role model for the younger members of the Bat-family (especially the Robins), and now he must step up for Jon Kent...

... and possibly permanently, if DC's hints about another 'Death of Superman' are true.

The Nightwing/new Superman crossover begins in February 15's Nightwing #89.

I know it's a little early, but could Nightwing and the new Superman someday end up as one of the best BFF duos in comic books?