Nightmare On Elm Street 3D a go-go

Freddy Krueger mopped up (the blood) at this weekend’s US box office to the tune of $32m, so of course Nightmare On Elm Street sequel chatter has jumped into warp speed.

What’s surprising is that producer Brad Fuller is the one leading the talk, telling Dread Central (opens in new tab) that “Freddy always has a story to tell”.

On the potential for a sequel, and one in 3D no less, he said:

“We think that 3D movies have to be designed and written as such. If Eric (Heisserer) and Wesley (Strick) came to us with a Nightmare sequel script that is for a 3D movie, we’d be fools not to make it.

“Using 3D for a Nightmare sequel has to work conceptually for us, though. I don’t want to shoehorn the story just so we can use 3D technology. I do really think this movie and the visual style would work well within a 3D environment, though, so you never know.”

Which shows that Platinum Dunes, who have remade everything from Friday The 13th to Texas Chain Saw Massacre in recent years, are definitely planning on resurrecting the Nightmare franchise for good.

But let’s not forget that their Friday The 13th remake took bigger bucks in its opening weekend, but plans for Part II were shelved just a few weeks back .

Could Freddy suffer the same fate? It could all depend on Nightmare 's ability to keep the crowds coming in - and with reviews shredding the remake into ribbons, we can't imagine many people will funnel their hard earned cash into yet another remake. Watch this space.

A Nightmare On Elm Street opens in the UK this Friday 7 May.

Think a Nightmare remake franchise could have potential?

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