How to farm T1 Essence in Nightingale

Nightingale T1 Essence
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Nightingale T1 Essence becomes an essential resource in the early/mid game, a special essence used to upgrade weapons, armor and tools to the uncommon tier, as well as craft special cards and unique enchantments, all of which go towards improving your Nightingale Gear Score. However, while it's easy enough to get it in small amounts, knowing how to farm T1 Essence in Nightingale will do a huge amount to expedite the way you play - which we'll explain how to do now.

Fast Farming T1 Essence in Nightingale

Nightingale T1 Essence

(Image credit: Inflexion Games)

To farm T1 Essence in Nightingale as quickly as possible, here's the best process in the current game build:

  1. Open a Portal to a realm using either the Antiquarian, Astrolabe or Provisioner Cards - you need to go somewhere of moderate difficulty or higher, though the actual terrain won't matter.
  2. Once there, head to a Realmic Transmuter and play a Treasury Card. This will greatly increase Essence Rewards of all sorts in this realm.
  3. Complete every objective in the realm, especially the Fae Towers, which have the greatest payout - in fact, completing the Tower first will reveal all the other objectives while you're here.

This is widely recognised as the most efficient method to date. Fae Towers pay around 80-120 T1 Essence in this process, while optional objectives should pay about 40 or higher. Once you've milked this process to its utmost and cleared the map, open a new realm and move onto that one. You also want to make sure to carve up anything you kill, to ensure that you get the small essence drops from enemies - it's not much individually, but it adds up over time.

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