Nicolas Cage lights up Bath

Nicolas Cage proved he's not averse to mingling with us humble Britishers in the quaint old town of Bath Spa last night, turning on their Christmas lights in front of a crowd of thousands.

Cage, who owns a property in the city and also a nearby castle (as you do), was invited to do the deed by a hopeful local, who presumably had already checked with fellow Bath residents Johnny Depp and Van Morrison and discovered they'd gone bowling. Or something.

Not surprisingly, the town centre was brought to a standstill by Cage's merry bit of Christmassing, with extra police drafted in to cover the event. He announced that he'd felt welcomed by the "wonderful and historic city".

"Anything that I can do to give back and say thanks, I am going to do," he declared, before pressing a button and ramping up Bath's electricity bill.


Were you there? Was it a sweet gesture or a publicity stunt? Sound off below...