Nic Cage up for Green Hornet

Nic Cage is in talks to join the cast of Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet.

If he signs, Cage will bring his particular brand of crazy to the film, which Michel Gondry is still gearing up to direct and Rogen has been talking up as still on track.

It's been a long time since Cage has played a flat-out villain - you'd probably have to stretch all the way back to Face/Off to find him playing a truly bad guy, and even then he switched places with the hero.

In Hornet, he'd be playing the big bad, a mobster who goes up against our hero.

Cameron Diaz is still locking in a deal to play Rogen's love interest and the movie is apparently planning to start shooting in the autumn.

[Source: Variety ]

Nic Cage as a mobster. Like the idea? Tell us...

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