Next-gen EyeToy takes shape

Wednesday 19 July 2006
Sony's plans to create a next-gen EyeToy are obviously taking shape as the company has recently filed a patent for new motion capturing technology with the United State patent office.

The patent, number 2006-178948, is described on the US patent site as being a "prop input device and method for mapping an object from a two-dimensional camera image to a three-dimensional space for controlling action in a game program". This suggests that the new EyeToy will be able to sense depth and distance as well movement.

A prototype of the new EyeToy was used for E3 demos of card game Eye of Judgement earlier this year, but since then there has been little news or sign of a final design. But with the PS3 launch looming it seems Sony's motion sensing plans are finally coming together - a good thing, too, if PS3 has any hope of competing with Nintendo Wii in terms new ways of gaming interaction.