Next big Genshin Impact event will give all players another free 4-star character

Genshin Impact Fischl
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

Genshin Impact update 1.1 is chock-full of new features, and it's also packing a seasonal event that will give all players the four-star character Fischl for free.

As developer MiHoYo explained, update 1.1 contains the Unreconciled Stars event, which will run for two weeks. The event contains several quests and co-op challenges, and as previous beta test leaks suggested, clearing these challenges will reward you with various leveling and ascension materials as well as Fischl herself. She'll join the ranks of other free characters including Xiangling, Noelle, and Barbara. 

Fischl is a four-star electro bow user who's been available since launch. She was a boosted character in the first Wish banner for the live version of the game, so many players are already acquainted with her. For those that aren't, just know that her elemental skill summons a lightning bird named Oz that zaps enemies, and her ultimate ability cloaks her in the power of Oz, dealing bigger damage while resetting Oz's summon timer. 

Thanks to her early availability, Fischl has become a staple for many players. Her turret-like bird companion makes her a great assist character, and the skills and talents tied to her Constellation can also turn her into a main DPS powerhouse. If you don't already have Fischl, she'll make a great addition to your team, and if you do have her, this freebie will give you another notch on her Constellation. 

Update 1.1 also contains the Genshin Impact PS5 version, which will be playable as soon as the console launches. 

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