New Year's solutions

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, DS, PSP versions)

Unlimited studs
(Note: you will need to be playing multiplayer) In a double score zone (one in each level), kill each other. You should lose 2,000 studs but if you collect all the dropped studs you should get 4,000 studs giving you a profit of 2,000 studs. You can do this as many times as you like.

Unlock codes - type these into the Cheat Entry screen at the Mos Eisley Bar and you'll be able to buy them for Free Play mode:

NXL973 - IG-88
MMM111 - Imperial Guard
TTT289 - Ewok
YZF999 - Gamorean Guard
NFX582 - Gonk Droid
UCK868 - Beach Trooper
BEN917 - Ben Kenobi's ghost
VHY832 - Bespin Guard
WTY721 - Bib Fortuna
HLP221 - Boba Fett
SMG219 - Grand Moff Tarkin
YWM840 - Hooded Han Solo
BNC332- Death Star Trooper
VAP664 - Imperial Shuttle Pilot
UGN694 - Ugnaught
BBV889 - Imperial Officer
CVT125 - Imperial Spy
UUB319 - Lobot
HHY382 - The Emperor
EKU849 - Rebel Trooper from Hoth
GBU888 - Skiff Guard
NYU989 - Snow Trooper
PTR345 - Stormtrooper
HDY739 - TIE Fighter
NNZ316 - TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828 - TIE Interceptor
SGE549 - Palace Guard
CYG336- Rebel Pilot

Gold Brick unlocks
8 gold bricks = IV Bonus (build the doorway in IV hangar)
16 gold bricks = V bonus (build the doorway in V hangar)
32 gold bricks = VI bonus (build the doorway in VI hangar)
60 gold bricks = Lego City (build the doorway outside the cantina)
99 gold bricks = Lego Stud Fountain (build it outside the cantina)

Get Dancing Gammorean Guard
When you are a Gammorean Guard press the circle button and he will start playing air guitar.

Watch Leia dance
When playing as gold bikini-clad Princess Leia in Mos Eisley, hold circle and she'll dance for you. Jump on a table for the full (surreal) effect.

Want more LEGO Star Wars II Cheats? Of course you do. Head here for Leia and Han antics.

Want more LEGO Star Wars II Cheats? Of course you do. Headherefor Leia and Han antics.