New Yakuza pics

Tuesday 16 May 2006
Sega's released a bunch of new shots of its forthcoming gangster action game Yakuza, which will be released later this year for PS2.

The game centres on the exploits of Kiryu Kazuma who has just been released from a 10 year jail sentence and is attempting to piece his life together. Unfortunately for him he's soon drawn back into Tokyo's underworld and must use his fists and wits to survive.

Yakuza's fighting system has been built from the ground up in order to provide a unique type of brawling for the gamer that allows over 300 different environmental items to be used in the scrapping.

Yakuza has already enjoyed a successful release in Japan, so Sega will be hoping the game will attract similar interest when it's released in the UK this August.

Above: Use the experience points you earn wisely to unlock new attacks