New video of Call of Duty: Black Ops' Pentagon-themed "Five" Zombies mode in action

The YouTube leaks last week have done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for Call of Duty: Black Ops’ “Five” mode, informally known as Pentagon Zombies. Five launches automatically after the closing credits of the campaign, and takes place inside the Pentagon. The unique characters and location make this the most interesting Zombie map yet.

The dialogue is hilarious, too – you’ll want to play several times as each character (John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara) to get the full experience. We won’t say anymore, in case you want to experience it for the first time with fresh eyes. Or, if you simply can’t wait till you’ve beaten Black Ops’ campaign, click play to watch it unfold right here:

Your overarching objective is to turn on the power, which will give you access to the Quick Revive machine (sells you a beverage that revives you without a teammate). To turn the power on, you have to open up an elevator to the War Room (no fighting!) and then blast your way through a maze of corridors in the sub-basement.

Once the power is on, a teleporter back to the first area opens up and you start seeing new enemies, including a creepy crawling zombie and the “Pentagon thief,” a teleporting mad scientist who can steal your weapon. We’re itching to play more and see what else we can uncover. Alongside Kino Der Toten andDead Ops Arcade, Black Ops is overflowing with undead goodness – and to think there was a time whenwe didn’t even know if Black Ops had zombies at all!

Above: JFK as we will always remember him, firing blindly into a horde of zombies

Nov 9, 2010