New vehicles, enemies, and expansions fill the calendar in Bethesda's plans for Rage 2's post-launch support

Rage 2 hits players everywhere on May 14 and Bethesda is already hoping to keep you playing the wasteland shooter for a good chunk of 2019. In a blog post on their official site, the Elder Scrolls developer detailed the additional content coming to the shooter for the rest of the year.

While few specifics were mentioned, the post did say that new vehicle types and enemies would be coming in June and July in the form of free updates. Rage 2's first major expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, would bring new areas to explore, a new storyline, and additional weapons and other items to the game in August. Information about new content beyond August wasn't specified, although they did confirm another expansion would come in November.

Bethesda is also planning to put out weekly community challenges as soon as the shooter releases next week. Completing these missions will net you a free skin, including the vomit comet pistol skin that'll be a reward for finishing the first community challenge. You'll need to be online and signed in with your Bethesda account to redeem rewards, keep an eye on the official Rage 2 Twitter account for more details.

Bethesda has been streaming different parts of Rage 2 on their Twitch channel leading up to release. If you're interested in a deeper look at how the game plays check them, or streamer Ben "CohhCarnage" Cassell's 45 minute play session, out to get a better feel for how the ridiculous romp handles. 

If you're interested in hearing more about Rage 2 then read about how the development team handle the shooters ridiculous tentacle physics. 

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