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New Twilight sequel details arrive

With Catherine Hardwicke out of consideration for Twilight Sequel New Moon, talk has turned to the finer details of the new film, and word arrives that Golden Compass helmer Chris Weitz has been offered the job.

Claims and counter-claims have been fired about why Hardwicke was ditched – some say she was difficult to work with – and there were also schedule issues.

According to EW, those issues weren’t small concerns – producers Summit Entertainment are pushing ahead with a November 2009 release date, which means that any hired director would need to report for duty next week to have a hope of preparing for a March shoot date.


Current hot favourite – but not yet signed – is Golden Compass director Chris Weitz.

While Compass was a flop, it did at least show that he could handle an effects-driven movie, which will be needed for Moon’s werewolf-heavy plot.

And, right now, all the film has is a first draft screenplay. “There is that first script,” Summit production president Erik Feig told the magazine. “All the finesse that turns a screenplay into a movie hasn’t ­happened yet.”

So then: a rushed schedule, a first draft script and an FX-heavy story in which the hero vanishes for long stretches. Yeah, this one should be easy…

[Source: Entertainment Weekly ]