New trailer for The Lone Ranger: watch now

The last trailer has arrived for The Lone Ranger , in which Armie Hammer’s titular lawman is brought back from the brink of death by Johnny Depp’s Tonto.

The new trailer fleshes out the plot a little, as Hammer goes out in search of the men who killed his brother, encountering villains, outlaws and crooked lawmen along the way.

Meanwhile, the action comes thick and fast as the Ranger and “the lunatic Injun” unleash hell upon the wrongdoers of the Old West.

Take a look, below:

What we’re finding most pleasing about this one is that Depp seems to have reined himself in a little to play Tonto, with none of the camp swagger on show that has defined many of his recent characters. Pair him with Hammer’s square-jawed decency and we could have quite the double-act…

Directed by Gore Verbinski and co-starring Tom Wilkinson, Helena Bonham Carter and William Fichtner, The Lone Ranger opens in the UK on 31 May 2013.

George Wales

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