New Terminator Salvation game shots released

Twelve new shots from the upcoming Terminator Salvation tie-in game have been released by GRIN, one of the main developers.

The game, scheduled to hit shelves this May, is a third-person shooter that lets you help the human resistance take on Skynet’s metal monstrosities.

From the looks of the shots, you’ll get to fight most of the metallic gits from the film.

You can find all 12 of the new images across the following pages.

And in case you need a little soundtrack playing in your head – and so that you don’t have to just hum the music from the trailer, we’ve embedded a trailer for the game below.

Thanks to IESB for the shots.[page-break]

Look out, mate! That flying HK looks nasty...

The view from above - an HK makes a killing run.

Evil scorpi-droids can really ruin a nice afternoon spent sitting amongst the oil drums.[page-break]

You'd think there'd be no traffic after the apocalypse. But the M25 is still dodgy.

Ah, the warehouse-factory setting. A genre classic.

Stay on... target... Stay on.... Oh, bugger - it's a hovering HK.[page-break]

Milton Keynes, yesterday.

The graphics quality is pretty nifty. Can we have a free copy now, please?

A bazooka is always good for messing up a machine's day.[page-break]

Rail passengers REALLY got mad at the new fare increases.

How to secure your parking space the Chuck Norris way.

"Oi! Watch the paint work!"

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