New SOCOMs to be unveiled at E3

America's most effective semi-aquatic killers are set to return to both PSP and PS2 this fall, but so far Sony hasn't said anything about the long-expected PS3 version.

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Combined Assault is the full name of the PS2 version, which will combine a brand new four-player co-op option with the usual 32-player deathmatch mode. Improved stat-tracking and chat functions will streamline the online experience, while the solo mode will also be enhanced with three new classes of vehicle, smarter enemies and a range of non-lethal weaponry.

Above: The vehicles that made a splash in SOCOM 3 (pictured here) will return in Combined Assault

The PS2 version will also be able to talk to the new PSP game, which groans underthe heftymonikerof SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2.

Along with a 14 mission-strong solo mode, 16 soldiers can fight via ad hoc mode oronlinewith 14 different weapons and three new modes, including tug-of-war, capture-the-flag and "target." Strategy can be added to stealth with the new command equity which - once earned - allows players to call in air strikes, buy new weapons and gather local intelligence.

We'll be seeing more of these games next week at E3,and if a next-gen version of SOCOM does manage to sneak into the show, be sure that we'll bring you the very first news.

May 5, 2006